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Thank you for choosing to shop at Keune Salons Online

By doing so, you're supporting your chosen local hair salon, who is an official stockist of Keune products and services within their salon. 

How does Keune Salons Online work?

This e-store is powered on behalf of your local hair salon who is an official Keune stockist. When you order products from this site, products are picked, packed and delivered to you on behalf of your local Keune salon. 

Must I choose a Keune salon to be able to order?

Yes, to order Keune products. you must nominate your local salon as your point of purchase. Keune doesn't sell it's products directly to the public.

How do I select my local Keune salon?

You can select your salon via our salon locator by putting in the postcode where the salon is located. Your salon will appear in the list of salons available for you to select. 

What if I don't yet have a local Keune salon? 

This is not a problem! It's a great time to find one. Simply input a postcode into the Salon Finder that's convenient to you and pick a salon from the list.

How can find out more about my local salon's services or book an appointment with them? 

If you would like specific information about your local salon's services or would like to book an appointment, please contact the salon directly. They will be delighted to assist you. 

Tell me more about Keune and its products?

Keune products and services are available only from leading professional hair salons. Keune is a Dutch brand and has been making products since 1922. The Keune brand aims to develop the highest quality products and actively works to work with suppliers who share a sustainable approach.

Hair colour services had at your local salon with Keune's Tinta Color or So Pure Color, support The Keune Foundation, which provide financial assistance to families who have had a child diagnosed with a life threatening illness. 
All products are proudly Cruelty Free.

We are proudly B Corp Certified



We are proudly B Corp Certified


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